We make portable electric fence – easy

All of Range Wards – Power Grazing Fencing Products – allow you to effectively and easily control time in a grazing operation. 

Controlling the amount of time, a grazing animal has in a certain area, and controlling the amount of time the grazed plant has, to fully recover after grazing makes regenerative agriculture easy and profitable.
This graze, full plant recovery and graze again, helps produce healthily soil and increased plant biodiversity. 

Range Ward’s goal is to help our clients increase their financial capital as well as their regenerative biological capital.

Our products are designed with you in mind. From ease of use, to mobility and reliability – we know and understand our customers because we started out manufacturing equipment for our own ranch.

Norm Ward

Here is a list of features each unit has that helps to make our lives a little bit easier out in the field.

  • All our equipment can be easily used with a quad, side x side, tractor or truck
  • Portable electric fence that you can put up or take down by yourself at about 1 mile per hour.
  • Power Braid electric rope, a full ¼ inch in size, provides excellent conductivity and high break strength and it even reflects at you at night.
  • Electric reels that wind up your electric rope with just a touch of a button
  • Reliable high joule fence energizers powered by solar panels – in all seasons
  • When portable fence is easy to use, you use it for everything – increased grass production from rapid grazing rotations, riparian management, evasive plant management, allies, corrals, an extra fence along an existing one for breeding control, temporary fence for pipelines, paddock boundaries, drift fences – we are always amazed at our client’s fencing ingenuity.

Did you know you may also be able to have our products government funded up to 30-50%? Find out more Here