$ 216.99


Turbo Equibraid can be used for a visible single or multiwire gate.. A Gallagher Soft Touch or Standard Insulated gate handle is required. Consider using a Gallagher warning sign to provide further visibility. This sign easily attaches to the turbo rope.


  • Easy to use braid for permanent and portable fences;

  • Works well with offset brackets to reinforce non-electric horse fences;

  • 1/4″ UV resistant bright white braid for durability & safe horse control;

  • Contains 9 mixed metal strands for both high conductivity and long life;

  • Attach with Super W Wood Post Insulators and L-Style Joint Clamps;

  • Tighten with Permanent or Ratchet Tighteners;

  • Resistance: 140 Ohms/km;

  • 400m roll; and

  • Strong, durable, long lasting 1/4″ rope is less prone to tangling and highly visable for safety.

Price $216.99/ 400 meter (1312′) roll


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