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There are 2 options available for the Razer Grazer

Razer Grazer Classic: which comes complete with 40-watt solar panel, 80 Gallagher standard pigtail posts, one reel with ½ mile of Power Braid Rope, 3 joule Speedrite Energizer. Everything you need for ½ mile of portable electric fence.

Buffalo Razer Grazer: comes complete with 2 x 1/2 mile reels allowing you to easily install two electric ropes at once.  A taller portable tread-in post with two insulator locations completes the two rope buffalo fence. New two reel electric rope retriever provides an easy way to roll up your two rope fence. Portable electric fence innovation for regenerative Buffalo management.

Extra reels and posts available.

*Note if you are adding extra reels you will need about 70 posts/reel of rope.



Razer Grazer – Versatile and Powerful

The Razer Grazer mobile electric fence trailer is not only versitile but powerful enough to succeed in every task you give it! Include the Electric Power Arm Reel – for the ultamite helping hand out there in the field.

ExclusiveRazer Grazer Power Arm Electric Reel – Just remove the Power Arm from the Razer Grazer Trailer, then install in any standard receiver, plug in to your trailer lights socket and you have an electric reel for your truck.

  • Energizer that can power up to 10 miles of electric fence

  • Electric Power Arm for Reel – can be easily moved from trailer and used with any standard receiver

  • Removable reel with 1 km of Turbo Equibraid rope – Take extra reels with you

  • Extra reels provide more flexibility- Install a back fence, a forward fence, and a fence for the paddock you are going into, all with the same machine

  • Enclosed storage for 80 portable posts


  • Razer Grazer complete with one reel loaded with 1 km of Power Braid Rope
  • Solar panel included
  • Speedrite 3000 Unigizer
  • ZAMMER Gate handle
  • Exclusive Hammer In / Hammer Out Ground Rod

Safety Manual:
Razer Grazer Manual

Additional information


1/2 Mile, Two 1/2 Miles


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