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The Power Grazer Trailer Package comes with a Gallagher B700 energizer, which provides 7 joules of energy or power for up to 40 kilometers of multi wire fence. If you are using the Power Grazer to power existing permanent fence in addition to the portable on-board fence, you may wish to upgrade to a Gallagher B1600, which provides 16 joules of energy or power for up to 60 kilometers of multiwire fence.


  • 7 Joules stored energy.

  • Powers up to 40km of multi-wire permanent fence.

  • For remote areas with charging facilities.

  • Switch to select high or low power settings.

  • When battery voltage drops to approximately 11.5 volts, unit slows to half speed to conserve power.

  • Neon indicator light flashes with each pulse over 3kV and will indicate fence condition; if the fence is overloaded the indicator will either flash intermittently or not at all.

  • Flashing red light shows when battery is running low.

  • Battery not included. Requires 12V – 36V Deep Cycle batteries.

  • Solar options available.

  • Requires three 6 foot ground rods for longer fence.

Suitable for: Beef, Dairy, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Wolves, Predators, Wild Boar, Bison, Deer

Performance Characteristics:
Size of Property: Up to 450 acres
Stored Energy: 7 Joules

Price $729.99
Swap out the B700 for the B1600 in the Power Grazer Trailer Package – Additional price of only $270.00


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