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On the prairies, sustainability can be achieved through forming partnerships

When partnership success is dependent on respect and planning for the environment, we must all continue to learn and improve our tools and methods as technology and information becomes available. Industry has come a long way in understanding that the landowner is impacted and possibly disrupted by industrial activities on their land.

This presents an opportunity to strengthen partnerships between industry and landowners. We can help you implement new preferred grassland restoration strategies, simply by guiding you through your surface disturbance or riparian plan and providing you with the tools to move forward.

We would like the opportunity to share our expertise and provide additional resources and information about best practices that will help you understand and prepare your surface-disturbance plan for Native Prairie work sites.

Range Ward can help:

    • encourage landowner or stakeholder group/industry partnerships and offer consultation to implement pre-disturbance planning policies for work in grasslands;
    • provide local solutions to exclude livestock from work sites, include livestock on restoration sites, reduce occurrences of reclamation fencing being left behind beyond it’s usefulness – so grazing can resume to promote plant community succession;
    • encourage the use of controlled grazing with local livestock as part of the Reclamation Process for Disturbed Ground – once vegetation is established on the disturbed ground;
    • provide landowners with an environmentally friendly yet powerful tool for their work-intensive livestock and grazing management plans; and
    • leave behind a positive impact on the environment and all affected parties to offset environmental impact and encourage the industry’s and province’s best restoration practices in grasslands.

More resources

If you are interested in learning more about new preferred methods for restoration of disturbed grasslands in Alberta, we highly recommend:
– that you read Recovery Strategies for Industrial Development in Native Prairie (pdf)

To find out how Range Ward and the Power Grazer System can help with your grassland project, please contact Norm Ward at rangeward@gmail.comor call (403) 646-0006.