Innovative Tools & Solutions used in the Management of Regenerative Ecosystems.

Our Mission

Range Ward and it’s Power Grazer fencing products centre around the use and management of grazing animals in regenerative agriculture. Our approach and tools help to regenerate above and below ground biodiversity, improve water cycles, improve carbon cycles, and help improve the vitality and resilience of the ecosystem and the people on the land.

Our portable electric fencing tools focus on effectively and easily Controlling Time, which is one of the keys to Regenerative Agriculture. Controlling the time animals can graze and controlling the amount of time a plant has, to recover from grazing, provides a very powerful and effective management practice.

We would like the opportunity to share what we know with those that manage the land.

Service and Expert Advise

Range Ward isn’t just about our grazing management fencing products. We believe in forming partnerships by promoting, advocating, and assisting landowners, industry and communities. We are always available to assist with grazing and infrastructure plans as well providing training and education regarding holistic regenerative agriculture.

Our fencing equipment comes with more than just an operator’s manual. Norm Ward has over thirty years of holistic management experience and is available to help the landscape manager.

Want to find out how you could qualify to have the Power Grazer or Razer Grazer trailers Government funded up to 30-50%?? Check out this link to the Canadian Ag Partnership Program or ask us for more details!